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The Einsteins Sisters Bag the Flying Monkeys

Title: The Einstein Sisters Bag the Flying Monkeys

Subtitle: A Political Satire

Author: Irving Wesley Hall

Cover illustration: Ian Austin

Cover and book design: Bruce D. Henderson

Binding: Paperback, perfect bound (6 in. x 9 in.)

Total pages: 628 (Novel length is 614 pages.)

Publication date: April 2008 (Previously published as e-book)

ISBN: 978-0-9801252-2-1

Distributors: Ingram

Retail Price: $26.95

Categories: Fiction, Religious Fiction, Political Fiction, Political Humor

Author contact: Click for e-mail

Author's Web site:

Cover illustration by Ian Austin
You can see more of his work at


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for progressives

StarWind Enterprises Inc. is pleased to announce the release by our publishing division, Not In Kansas Press, of its first title, a jumbo 614-page political satire by Irving Wesley Hall.

The Einstein Sisters
Bag the Flying Monkeys

It's thirteen days before the 2000 election in Florida. Can Albert Einstein's three brilliant great-great-granddaughters save America from an eight-year-long catastrophe?

The parents of home-schooled Maxine, Norma and Tina mysteriously abandon them to join a neo-conservative conspiracy plotting a disastrous war in Iraq if George Bush steals the presidency. Immediately the sisters find themselves trapped inside ex-wrestler Reverend Moriah Godley's authoritarian Ten Commandments high school. He has brainwashed his Christian students to fly the Jewish girls to Israel to die in the Battle of Armageddon so Christians can ascend to heaven
in the Rapture.

Soon Shepherd's Vale School's memorial ceremony for a sailor killed by terrorists attracts a star-studded cast of neo-conservative politicians including Bush, Cheney and their top henchmen. The Einstein sisters dub the visitors "Flying Monkeys" after the death squad in The Wizard of Oz.

Jesus of Nazareth is so alarmed that the false prophets' support for nuclear war will become a self-fulfilling prophecy that he returns to earth to inspire his youthful Christian followers. The book's powerful young heroines and their classmates unite to bag their prey in a spectacular climax that surpasses the uplifting spirit of Dorothy's melting of the Wicked Witch and return to Kansas.

The book is both political fantasy and satire, but it deals seriously with political, social and religious themes from international terrorism, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Christian Zionism and its hidden agenda, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the persecution of gays
in the name of religion.


Praise for The Einstein Sisters

“Einstein Sisters an informative
and funny read”
— Jessica Lewis, The Evening Sun, Norwich, NY

“Students of the New Testament can easily identify the recurring warnings about false teachers, frauds, charlatans, and false prophets. These warnings are not simply from Paul, they are from Jesus as well. In his political and religious satire, Hall shows how charlatans and cult leaders can make a religion of nationalism and war. He has focused on this blasphemous disaster in the spirit of Dante. Yes, here we have a Divine Comedy that identifies the false gods of hatred and idol worship.”
— Blase Bonpane, PhD.,
Director, Office of the Americas;
host, “World Focus,” KPFK,
Los Angeles, Calif.

“. . . thought-provoking from the standpoint of my Christian beliefs, informative from its historical perspective, and suddenly funny when you least expect it. I was impressed by the author's depth of knowledge of both current politics and biblical history and how successfully he mastered the challenge of weaving both topics into one great novel. We should all experience the simple and uncomplicated relationship that the youngest heroine,
Tina, has with Jesus . . . through
the eyes and heart of a child.”
— Ellen Mordus,
medical worker, Hamilton, NY


Radio Interview:

Irving Wesley Hall appeared on Bill Jaker's popular “Off the Page” radio show on WSKG-FM, a public radio station serving the Binghamton, N.Y., area, on Tuesday, Nov. 11.
Listen to the show here.



Irving Wesley Hall

Irving Wesley Hall


Introducing the author

Hall is an American history professor whose progressive credentials date to the early 1960s, when he was one of 64 students arrested in San Francisco on May 13, 1960, for protesting the red-baiting House Committee on Un-American Activities that was investigating the nascent student movement developing
in the Bay Area.

Later, he was one of the first California high school teachers to include the Holocaust in a required course. During the Vietnam War, he counseled draft resistance and spoke at anti-war rallies
on and off college campuses.

He has debated two of the most revered conservative icons, William F. Buckley and Ronald Reagan. More recently, his four-part online series on the health dangers of depleted uranium won praise and wide circulation across the Internet via
his Web site,





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